Remarkable achievement by a Student at Unicus Olympiads

Posted On Wed, November 25, 2020, 3:52 PM
Arnav Nigam from Mumbai Attains International Rank in Four Subjects at Unicus Olympiads

Arnav Nigam, Class 8 student from VIBGYOR High School, Mumbai got 4 International Ranks in India’s first Summer Olympiad Exam, Unicus Olympiads. The exams took place in May and July 2020. It assesses students' practical application of concepts based on what they have studied. 

Arnav received Scholar’s Trophies for Critical Thinking, General Knowledge, Mathematics and Science Olympiad Exams for being among top three International Rankholders. On being asked, Arnav mentioned that he was also International Rank 1 in Hong Kong IMO conducted in 2020. His parents were proud of his son and mentioned that Arnav has been consistently participating in such exams and have excelled in most of the competitive exams. He likes to play Chess and Drawing during spare time and want to be a scientist and do something great for society.

Students from 111 cities from all over India along with participants from Japan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and United Stated America had appeared in the exams.

Achievers have been awarded by the Unicus Olympiads with Trophies, Medals and Merit Certificates. Participants who have performed well were also encouraged by giving them some gifts in the form of vouchers by Unicus Olympiads.

There is a need of more platforms like Unicus Olympiads in today’s world which allow students to compete with the students of their age across globe and help in building confidence and competence and make them more relevant and valuable internationally.

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