The Academy for Digital Marketing Courses announces a free Influencer Marketing Webinar

Posted On Thu, January 14, 2021, 5:06 PM
Creating the right influence for your brand. Register today for an influencer marketing webinar with ADMC. Nishant Patel, CEO KMEDIA & Cofounder – Let it Wag
Free influencer marketing webinar by ADMC

ADMC (Academy for Digital Marketing Courses), one of India’s premier digital marketing institutes, announced a free webinar for all the brands/individuals to create the right influence using influencer marketing. This free webinar will spread awareness about why influencer marketing is essential for brands. 

The webinar will be hosted in partnership with Social Samosa. It is scheduled to happen on 16th January 2021 between 5 PM to 6 PM. Nishant Patel, the head of influencer marketing at Digi Osmosis and Co-founder of Let It Wag, will be the speaker. 

Experts suggested a 40% increase in global influencer marketing spends in 2021. Thus, this webinar will be focused on driving the audience towards the importance of influencer marketing in 2021. Nishant is aiming to cover,

  • In-depth analyses of Influencer Marketing in India and Abroad,

  • Identify the aspiring influencers,

  • Learn how to become a social media influencer. 

And much more. 

Individuals who are planning to become influencers shortly or brands who want to build a successful influencer network or a successful influencer marketing campaign must register for this free webinar on influencer marketing. You will find a significant improvement in your knowledge regarding influencer marketing.

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