KalaKrut Platform Launches Slack Community for Musical Events Industry

Posted On Sun, November 22, 2020, 12:35 AM
A sustainability based Initiative for facilitating business leads generation
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KalaKrut Platform On Slack

Global Slack Community

Started in 2017, KalaKrut Platform presently has a support of 80+ Artists from varied Indian genres.  40+ artists have been promoted for free on the social media pages/channels. It has been observed that market presence and number assignments increased for promoted artists.

Check KalaKrut Platform page on FB   https://m.facebook.com/kalakrutagn  &  https://kalakrutplatform.slack.com  (Slack Community Recently Launched)

The Global KalaKrut Slack Community Initiative aims to focus and facilitate Interactions, Collaborations and Business Lead Generation within the community. The platform has sixteen channels, various integrations and workflows to generate synergies and serve the community. The Slack platform is free to try until 31 Dec, 2020. From 1 Jan, 2021 Subscriptions Start.  Subscription: Artists ₹500/year and  Non-Artists/Services/Businesses is ₹1000/year

Contact Information:
Bhoomin Pandya

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