ESiteWorld Disrupts the Market Again with the New Taxi App Features and the Gojek Clone Features

Posted On Tue, November 10, 2020, 3:02 PM
Taxi Booking App Features and the Gojek Clone Features
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Ahmedabad: eSiteWorld Technolabs LLP. unveils its all-new all-powerful Gojek Clone App. for its clients. This app has been around for a while but the addition of the new features has taken it to a whole new level. While eSiteWorld has been known to deliver top-notch high-end apps around the world across the globe, they are not just known as a top on demand app selling company, but a white label partner who support their clients by developing great apps and then assisting them to launch the app into the market.

According to a spokesperson for the company, their sole aim is to ensure that their clients are not just satisfied but beyond it. “We have been in this field for over 8 years now. Our efforts have always been aligned in the direction of optimal client satisfaction. We have a dedicated research team to identify and understand the key trending aspects of the market. This research team then puts its heads together with the development team to ensure that they are all in one on demand multi service on demand Gojek Clone App is developed in a fashion which makes sure that when the app enters the market it is a perfect market fit”, she says.

What does the new Gojek Clone App include?

The Gojek Clone app is itself a multi-faceted app that has multiple components attached to it. For the most part, if we were to explain it widely, the Gojek Clone App comprises of 4 primary components:

  1. The On Demand Taxi Booking Section: This section enables the users to hire a taxi just like they could from the Uber Clone App. The user logs into the app and then enters the pickup and the drop destination so that the driver can use the app to find the location and reach there.
  2. The On Demand Parcel Delivery Service Section: This section of the app enables the user to send parcels from one place to another. This segment empowers the users to send the parcels from one point to one point or from one point to multiple points. This can be a single parcel such as an envelope or even multiple parcels like a hundred bags of cement.
  3. The On Demand Store-Based Delivery Service Section: This is the segment of the app that will enable the users to purchase anything that they like from the app including Food from restaurants, grocery items from grocery stores, pharmacy items from pharmacy stores, alcohol from liquor stores, medicinal marijuana from authorized marijuana sellers and so on and so forth.
  4. The On Demand Service Providers for Hire Section: This section is essentially a section that allows users to hire service providers such as on demand electricians, on demand doctors, on demand beauticians, on demand plumbers, on demand car wash professionals, on demand dog walkers, and so on and so forth.

What are the newly added features?

To run any business successfully, it is important o make sure that the app is equipped with the top features that will enable the app owner to run their business smoothly while also appealing to the users and the service providers. Team eSiteWorld has not only focused on adding features to facilitate the app owner but also the users and the service providers. While the original Gojek Clone is also loaded with some of the best features in the industry, the new ones top them all. Their new features include:

  1. Addition of the Delivery Genie: The Delivery genie is a cool new feature that empowers the users by ensuring that they don’t depend on the app alone for all their requirements. The Delivery Genie is a delivery professional that you can hire to pick up and collect items that you need to buy from stores that may not be registered in the app. You can place the order with the shop and inform your delivery genie of the order details. He will go to the store and pick up the order and deliver it to your doorstep.
  2. Addition of the Delivery Runner: The Delivery Runner of the app is a unique feature which essentially enables you to hire an errand boy who can pick up/ collect/ drop items that you want from anywhere to anywhere. You can simply hire your delivery genie to pick up your laundry or buy you a pack of cigarettes.

The app allows the app owners and service providers to increase their revenue by being able to increase their streams to grow their money. It is also the perfect one-click app that gives users access to so many different types of services that they don’t need anything else for their daily requirements.

Budget wise packages

The management of the eSiteWorld team is very sensitive towards the business needs of its clients. They understand that every business has its own individual set of requirements that need consideration on budget and features. This is why; they have created multiple packages that have feature bundles to facilitate people with smaller budgets and bigger business plans to pick the ones that suit them and move forth with a plan that makes the most sense to their business goals.

eSiteWorld is a world-renowned company in the field of on demand mobile app development. Their Gojek Clone app is one of their best selling apps. They have launched over 1000 apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. They have a full-fledged development center that is equipped with the infrastructural capability that can empower them to build high functioning well built and robust on demand mobile apps. They only rely on the most advanced technology stack. They have been known to convert over 75% repeat customers which is a testament to the quality of their apps and their professionalism when it comes to Gojek Clone app development and delivery.

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