" Be Friends Of Books" requests Rasal and Raasi

Posted On Sun, November 08, 2020, 8:58 PM
Two indian students with their 10 Books

" Be Friends of Books ".. says Rasal & Raasi. The great Poet njanapeedam Sri. Akkittham entered in the Literature world in his childhood at age of 10.  but , the children Rasal and Raasi  both from kerala, now are the 5th, 6th class school students  entered to the world of Literature since they were the inmates of UKG and I st Standard students.

The great poet njanapeedam Sri. Akkittham wished to see them and when he heard of them to know that  two boys had entered into the world of  Literature and seeing the books written by them, the great poet Akkittham was very happy when the two were taken to "Devayanam", to his residence.

The great poet sri. Akkittham was a loving personality who inspired and encouraged them to stand firmly in literature.

in 2017, two small books of collections of poems written by them were released by sri. Akkittham,   namely  "Neelathiramala" and " Neelaakashatthiloru Kaliveedu ".

Their first books ( collection of poems ) "Maratthinte ilakal " of Raasi and Rasal's  "Mazhavillu Kaanaam" were released by another Malayalam literature Mentor njanapeedom Sri. M.T Vasudevan Nair in the year of 20i6.

They  remember sweet memories with veteran great novelist Sri. MT Vasudevan Nair who gave sweets , books and beautiful moments.

Rasal  wrote 123  Poems in his five books. Raasi also wrote 97 small  poems and small proses. "Mazhavillu Kaanaam", (2016) "Neelatthiramaala", (2017), "Puzhayile vellachaattam", (2018) "Vellanirathil idimirnal" (2019) "Mazha Paydu Kuda Choodi "(2020) are Rasal's five books.

"Maratthinte ilakal" (2016) , 'Neelaakaashatthiloru kaliveedu (2017) , "mazhatthullikal thi langunnu", (2018) , "Poonthottatthile cheriya Pookkal" (2019), "visaalamaaya Bhoomi" (2020) are Raasi's five books.

After re open of their school ( after covid 19) they will introduce a library scheme " Be Friends Of Books " in their school and other remote schools in their village by writing more books, collecting more books, distibuting books free, setting up more classroom libraries in schools, visitting authors who wrote tens of books and visitting Publishers.

They hope that their parents, teachers, friends , students and schools will support them for brightning light of Kowledge , They also  hope their 12th Book will be published in 2021.

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