2020 "50 lakh ki Diwali" first release,Launched by Milmila

Posted On Wed, November 04, 2020, 11:26 AM

Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in the Indian community hence it is proven to be one of the best beneficial time to run sales and ad campaigns around this time because user engagement is very high and  plenty of shopping is done in India around this time. That’s the reason Milmila came up with this amazing Diwali campaign called “ 50 lakh ki diwali “ India ranks second worldwide for the total number of smartphone users with over 300 million.1 So, it comes as no surprise that mobile is the first focal point of brand interaction with many Indian consumers during Diwali. This is why Milmila has launched it’s  Diwali DhanVridhi Festival ad campaign named as “50 lakh ki diwali” on the mobile Application.

As Diwali the most anticipated and lucrative festival in the Indian community, Milmila is trying to capitalize on this opportunity to differentiate themselves and engage potential customers by bringing to light Milmila’s “50 lakh ki diwali” where resellers all over India will participate in order to make maximum sales so that they can win exciting prizes up to 10 lakhs.

Offerings and Rewards for “50 Lakh ki diwali” :

1)Reward for the First winner: Maruti Swift ZXI – Price value 10,00000
2) Reward for the Second winner: Royal Enfield Bike - Price value 2,00000
3) Reward for the Third winner: Gold - Price value 1,00000

 For the later position winners Milmila has kept many amazing bag-worthy prizes and rewards so that the customers feel there’s something for everyone at the same time they feel competitive as well to acquire and win the best prize while climbing up the ladder.


  • The “ Diwali DhanVridhi Festival ”is valid till 15th Nov’2020.
  • Prizes worth 50 lakhs will be distributed among the lucky resellers. Rankings are based on successfully delivered orders & team size they create. ( with  Minimum team size being just 20 )


To ensure the campaign breaks through the media clutter and reaches the relevant consumers and to bring alive small scale resellers and businesses to participate in this much exciting reward winning giveaway and spread a word about milmila across every platform as much as possible.


Most businesses in india run out of business because of making the wrong inventory bet hence Milmila targets small scale resellers, wholesellers, empowering housewives, young mothers, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and teachers to launch, build, and promote their online business. All of this without any investment - a problem that most people who want to start a business face.

Currently supporting 22000+ pin codes in India. For the best payment solution, MilMila has been partnered with Razor Pay for its payment solutions.

MilMila helps to earn money in 3 easy steps

Share ------> Sell ---------> Earn

We can download the android application from the below link -

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