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Posted On Wed, January 19, 2022, 10:36 AM

After a tedious and tiring day, one will only dream of a well-rested sleep. A soft mattress, a well-fitted bedsheet, a cozy comforter, and a properly fluffed pillow, the 4 main factors that decide the quality of sleep. 

The beginning of Shree Shyam Group;

 4 decades ago, the foundation of the Shree Shyam Group (SSG) was solidified. Late Shri Basudev Gupta envisioned a better future for the common people of Tamil Nadu. His priority was to establish a business that is involved in the daily lives of people. The thought to provide a better lifestyle was constant in the mind of Mr. Gupta. A diversified business house was successfully set up. Business activity mainly involved in the production of polyester fibers, real estate, and packaging ancillary units. 

How did the brand COSEE enter the market?

The principles laid down by Late Shri Basudev Ji were upheld by his successive generation. Production of polyester fiber soon transformed into pillow manufacturing. 

Kamlesh Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of SSG is a seasoned entrepreneur. The Investment Strategies of SSG are formulated under his leadership. 

Dhiraj Gupta, CEO has until recently handled all the administration and marketing strategies for SSG.

He started a new brand of pillows called 'Cosee' under Shree Shyam Polyfills LLP. Cosee has redefined pillows as a product. Cushions and pillows manufactured under the label Cosee are the exemplars of premium products that fulfill needs.

What are the products offered by COSEE?

The SSG  has now made its foothold in Chennai. They have a wide range of products from mattresses, bed linen, mattress protectors, comforts, dohar, pillows, and cushions. Mr. Dhiraj Gupta is now keen on extending towards home decor products and expansion of business pan India. 

Benefits of being a dealer of COSEE:

The dealership at SSG is a boon in disguise. They provide logistics support for their dealers. The quality of the product is unmistakable. They have recently begun with white-labeled manufacturing. With this, the dealers can sell products under their own brand name. Employees at SSG commit themselves to their responsibility. For the dealers, they provide complete transparency and on-time express delivery. To be a dealer all one has to do is contact them through email or mobile phone. They make it easy for dealers to make payments through any mode. All while maintaining a good percentage of commission for the dealers.

How is COSEE helpful for Women?

Tamil Nadu has a high sex ratio of 996 females for 1000 males. Women need to be financially independent and empowered. They should be given an opportunity to utilize their education. Married women often have spare time during the day. Investing the same for a business can be fruitful. Having a passive income or a self-owned business gives women their deserved respect amongst society and social circle. SSG believes every woman must be self-dependent. 65 % of dealers of SSG are women. Being a dealer with SSG gives them the flexibility to work according to their availability. The minimum investment required to be a dealer is very less. Thus, it is easy for women to invest their savings and start working with SSG. It is crucial for women to save for their children's future and education. 

Why is a woman a better dealer?

According to research conducted by the U.K. Sleep Research Center, Women are good at multitasking. This makes them more tired than men. And hence they require more sleep and rest than men. Women understand the need for good sleep. Good sleep comes from good bedding. Therefore women turn out to be the best dealers for Cosee Sleep gear. 

COSEE's contribution to society:

SSG has not only earned profit but also a reputation for themselves. They make sure to plant trees at least once a month. Tree plantation campaigns are organized by the CEO himself. Chennai has seen a drought phase like no other state in India. The best long-term solution for this crisis is planning trees. Mr. Dhiraj Gupta understands his responsibility towards society. He tries to maintain a balance between his business and society. 

What is the future for COSEE?

In the coming years, Cosee would become a household name all over India. The after-sale services like easy returns and constant effort to deliver the best have made Cosee a success in Chennai. It will soon spread its wings around the country. One can opt for their dealership or distribution chain just by the click on their website.

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