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Posted On Wed, September 16, 2020, 12:48 PM
More singles are screening casual partners in hopes of coronavirus-free casual hookups


A growing number of unattached singles are seeking out coronavirus-free partners amid the crisis in order to incorporate a bit of worry-free intimacy into their quarantine routines, if online forums and personal accounts are to be believed. Available singles have used dating sites like Casual Hookups® or Ashley Maedison for casual hookups for a long time, but only in the last few months some have been boasting about the results of their profile antibody tests. And while it's never a guarantee that the results of an antibody test are completely accurate — or whether the users of the app even tell the truth — the idea of a coronavirus-free hookup is still very appealing to singles looking to mix together. 

Two singles who have talked recently with the L.A. Times reported that they had netted big responses from their recent personal advertising on Reddit, from which they narrowed down the suitors who seemed the most serious about quarantines. On the opposite shore, a 24-year-old anonymous woman in Brooklyn said she and her two roommates were forced to spend more time with the three quarantined men living upstairs — an arrangement that culminated in hookups between some of the roomies.

Anna Muldoon, a former science policy advisor from the government — and now a PhD candidate at Arizona State University studying the relationship between disease outbreaks and social problems — sees this moment as an opportunity to think more carefully before getting physically Ellis, a 23-year-old Montana-based non-binary person and social media manager, has been searching for different kinds of partners than they would normally. They 'd be delighted to play a flight attendant from Los Angeles who's just passing through before the coronavirus pandemic — now that's the last person I want to encounter because they're at the highest danger. 

Instead, they met up with a trustworthy friend who is already in their circle, and another occasional companion who has done a decent job of isolating him. "I'm finding ways of casual and trusted connections to get the quick-fix, non-committal affirmation and intimacy."


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