Paul McCarthy Banner Brokers Launching the Madagascar Bike Appeal in Cork

Posted On Mon, August 24, 2020, 7:58 PM

Paul McCarthy Banner Brokers in Cork doing a great job for the people of the world’s poor regions like Madagascar. To help those who do not have access to a bike to get around, they collect the old bikes for Adsum bike drive and deliver them to the good people of Madagascar.

Paul McCarthy explained “last year we have successfully achieved a crazy target of collecting 100 bikes. Our team is really thankful for people in Cork for their kindness and spirit of charity. We have collected 100 bikes, 10 kids, 14 adults, 24 pairs of gloves, and one old blue container.”

Paul McCarthy said “This year we have a target of collecting 150 bikes this Spring to send to Madagascar. So, people can use them to go to work, school, collect water or foods for their family or village, or just to cycle for physical activities.”

“We committed to helping people of Madagascar as long as possible to make their life a little easier. The local drop-off system made the collection of bikes much easier this year for the Appeal. Some bikes are appropriate Adsum bike drive while only spare parts of some bikes used for other bikes or for training purposes. So, all donations are put to good use.” Explained Paul McCarthy Banner Brokers Cork.

“Your old bikes can change the lives of families and students in Madagascar. Paul McCarthy believes that this initiative will open so many opportunities for the poor people of Madagascar and this simple mode of transport can transform their daily lives. We are proud to launch the project for helping people and students get an education.”

“If you have any unused bikes in your garage, you can donate them to Paul McCarthy Bikes. It will be a great contribution to help the poor. We would like to thank everyone who donated and assisted with this venture.”

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