On the occasion of 140th anniversary of Munshi Premchand listen to the new audio show on aawaz.com

Posted On Tue, August 04, 2020, 9:54 AM

The Hindi podcast aawaz.com is the only platform for interesting audio shows. On this platform, you will get to hear many shows related to the entertainment world, religion and Puranas. New show called 'Subhagi' is live on this platform which celebrates the 140th birth anniversary of Munshi Premchand ji. This show is based on one of his beautiful renditions named 'Subhagi'.

Hindi podcast aawaz.com is the only platform for 100 percent new and entertaining shows which has been continuously bringing variety of content to its listeners. 'Subhagi' is a story of a naive village girl. In this story, Munshi Premchandji has beautifully presented a woman's struggle to earn her self-respect in a society ruled by men. Turning this melodious and poignant tale of a prolific writer like Munshi Premchand ji into an audio show is nothing short of a tribute by aawaz.com. The outstanding thing about this audio show is that it has been composed by recording different songs of old era.

'Badanagar Nandirol' theater group has been making such efforts continuously since the year 2013 and now on Awaaz.com they are ready to give it a new height. The unmatched hard work of around 22 artists from the "Badanagar Nandirol" theater organization has made the show, and the excellent editing and packaging has made it even more interesting!

Listeners can listen to over 750 hours of programs on aawaz.com, whose language and dialect are modeled on the podcast. On this platform, content in many categories such as comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, health, stories, religious and mythology, conversation and career with Bollywood artists are available on the app and website and both the platforms are free for consumers, wherein the consumer can listen without any interruptions or advertisement.

aawaz.com is the first of its kind platform where you will be able to listen to many shows produced by people who specialize in their respective fields. The audio shows available on this platform have been written by many famous authors and the voice for them has been given by many famous RJs. Also, it's only on aawaz.com that you will be able to hear more of such amazing stories by Munshi Premchandji.

The aawaz.com website and app is currently available in Hindi, which aims to provide high quality interesting and informative programs to the crores of Hindi speakers present in India.

Listen to the show here: https://www.aawaz.com/listen/munshi-premchand-ki-kahaniyaan-subhagi/267991/

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