Gaana’s AutoQueue reads minds?!

Posted On Fri, January 07, 2022, 12:00 PM
Proprietary algorithm automatically queues songs similar to the songs played by user

India’s most loved music streaming app, Gaana has unveiled yet another unique product feature to offer a superior and seamless music listening experience to its users. Research showed that consumers wanted a listening experience that's effortless & fast. Also, music & genre preferences changed for the same person depending on moods or occasions.

Busy at work? Partying but running out of songs? on a long drive? AutoQueue has you covered! The newly introduced feature enables consumers to hit up a song and indulge in effortless streaming while Gaana plays similar songs on its own, just like a mind reader! This dramatically reduces manual searching time & solves for “listener’s block” (where one struggles to think of the next song to play). Autoqueue also makes discovery of new music easier, as listeners get served apt songs they might not know of on their own.

Gaana-AutoQueue is powered by a unique machine learning algorithm that factors probability of songs being heard together (past behavior) as well as similarity of music, tempo/bpm etc to predict possible songs a user would like to hear after she has manually played one song. The algorithm analyzes thousands of signals and data points to come up with personalized song suggestions as we have seen many struggling to think of the next song to play! Our listeners are consuming +30% more music than usual via Autoqueue - & that tells us its working.

Gaana has released a brand film to communicate the ease & joy of music listening with AutoQueue. The lighthearted commercial shows 2 girls going for a short drive that turns to a never ending long drive, as Gaana AutoQueue keeps playing surprisingly apt songs that they love.

Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Lodha, CEO - Gaana said, “In the last year and a half, audio streaming has played a major role in people’s lives and consumption is on the up. Gaana has always been known to understand the pulse of the Indian listener and with AutoQueue we are now going one step further to hyper-personalize each user’s app experience,& making it effortless to listen to great music. The feature is born of Gaana’s user research & tech capabilities and gives personalized endless background track to the lives our users live in the foreground. I invite everyone to experience the joy of AutoQueue”

Music lovers also stand a chance to win 50,000 worth of Amazon vouchers on Gaana’s Instagram daily. Follow the page and stay tuned to know more on how  to participate in the #GaanaAutoQueue contest.

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