Vega Schools to Restart Classes in Social

Posted On Fri, July 24, 2020, 12:22 PM
Vega Schools to Restart Classes in Social Distancing-configured Open Classrooms

Gurgaon: Started in 2012, Vega Schools in Gurgaon offer problem-based learning in scientifically designed open classrooms. The core objective of Vega Schools is to start and promote a child-centric education movement aimed at empowering the learners with life skills that will stay relevant for life. The brainchild of Mr Sandy Hooda, the schools are run by a team of experienced, trained, knowledgeable, and highly motivated educators and professionals from India and abroad.

Gurgaon-based Vega Schools, are a chain of premier pre-schools that offer experiential learning solutions. They are all set to restart classes in their social distancing–configured classrooms. These open classrooms are spacious, bright, naturally lit, and allow the smooth implementation of experiential and problem-based learning. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a ‘new normal’ in all aspects of our everyday lives, and children’s education is not an exception. The circumstances today have necessitated creating spaces that allow children to restart learning and exploring, but not without the effective and consistent implementation of social distancing and safety-related norms. Vega Schools are well-prepared to handle all these responsibilities so that children can begin enjoying problem-based learning in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Parents need not be worried about their education, safety, and well-being,” assures Sandy Hooda, the founder of Vega schools.

Committed to transforming the way education has been imparted so far, Vega Schools aim to help children discover their inherent talent. The educators work hard to cultivate a love for teaching through learning, which is experimental and has practical implications in the real world. The values essential to humanity, such as kindness and humility, are also emphasized upon at all times.

 Vega is the only Indian school that is a member of the Global Schools’ Alliance (GSA). It follows the Project-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy and works in line with tenets and practices followed by the progressive schools around the world. The learners are mentored by globally renowned educators who have been the pioneers in innovative learning space. They come with years of experience in immersive education. 

The schools follow CBSE-recommended project-based curriculum and deliver it by implementing the best practices from various global boards and curricula.

Choosing a school that promotes problem-based learning helps children learn authentic, essential life and career skills right from the beginning of their academic years. The learners are put in charge of their learning process, and that inculcates a sense of ownership and motivation. The birth of such values leads to measurable positive results of learning outcomes.

Teachers are trained to provide a personalized learning experience to each child and identify their inherent strengths, as well as enhance areas that need improvement. Besides academic excellence and a sense of curiosity, the schools promote a culture based on Vega values, namely - empathy, integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

Awaiting state government’s directives on reopening of schools in Haryana, Vega Schools are all set to bring the joy of schooldays back into the lives of children, albeit keeping in mind the challenges of circumstances at hand.

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