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Posted On Mon, March 15, 2021, 3:23 PM
A fruitful path to be a successful beauty business owner

Delhi, 15-03-2021 – Today, Formula For Marketing, a marketing agency functioning in Delhi  have announced that they are providing complete marketing and operational solutions to a beauty salon in Delhi and areas in its vicinity.


The makeup and beauty industry has an interesting phenomenon i.e. It is recession-proof. According to a study, it was worth $532.43 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a market value of $805.61 billion by 2023. The hair and beauty industry has developed into highly advanced and technical technology, with millions of dollars spending per year on skincare, anti-ageing and rejuvenating cosmetics and the production of emerging innovations for hair and skin health.


During, Covid-19 the makeup and beauty industry was not affected gravely instead it found ways to work around it. During the lockdown, many beauty salon owners claimed that they were getting a huge number of calls from their regular or known customers asking; when will they open their parlor or if they will provide home services or not.


“Our team at a Formula For Marketing will provide you with all the insights and updates in the beauty industry. Apart from it, we will also help you reach a six-figure income in the Indian Beauty Industry by assisting you in all the ways possible” said Ankit Dhama, the Founder of Formula For Marketing and campaign head. “In the coming days, we will give out more information regarding our marketing and operational to beauty salons.” 


This company has also launched its EBook “Pocket Guide to be a beauty boss” explaining all the necessary points and insights with case studies with all the necessary points detailed in a descriptive manner. Ankit Dhama added, “We recognized the need for development and change in salons in Delhi and noticed that not many people know how to market their services correctly. So, we took up the initiative to do so with the hope of contributing something to our society.” 


In this EBook, you will find some useful insights regarding many interesting topics related to Beauty Industry and how you can start your business or make huge progress, with topics like:-  

  • Beauty industry insight details, trade secrets and market reports

  • How to learn all the techniques and get knowledge of makeup and hair

  • Steps to getting started on your brand as a makeup and hair artist

  • Checklist to move from freelancer to a beauty salon owner.

  • Growing the salon’s client base

  • How to earn 6 figures by doing makeup and hair. 


To read this EBook in detail visit this page


Formula For Marketing:- Formula For Marketing is a marketing company that envisions to provide an affordable marketing strategy to all types of business domains. The company desires to best marketing possible according to the company needs at an affordable rate. For more information feel free to contact us at or visit



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