“It is a war of wit and intelligence”, says Amit Mistry as Birbal on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Posted On Fri, July 17, 2020, 10:11 AM

Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama is back with fresh new episodes and a lot more fun and suspense as Rama continues to solve cases arising in Vijayanagar, using his unmatched wit and intelligence. Vijayanagar is all set to participate in the ‘Sarvashreshtha Rajya Pratispardha’ yet again, this year to win, as Rama is back in Vijayanagar. This year the challenge is going to be intense as Rama is pitted against Akbar and Birbal who have been championing the competition all these years. With Rama and Birbal competing with each other, there will be a face-off between their intellect and wit, eventually proving who among the two is wiser.

Amit Mistry, playing the role of Birbal, shared his experience preparing for the role and being a part of the show.

  • How does it feel to be a part of Sony SAB’s show Tenali Rama?

I have never been a part of a historical show and I always fascinated about playing a role like Birbal. Although working in television is a little hectic, it is indeed fun to work in a show like Tenali Rama. I am also personally fond of the team of Contiloe Pictures. When I was approached for the role of Birbal, I was very happy and I immediately said yes for the role. I was sent a rehearsal speech and when I read that, I enjoyed it and I thought Birbal’s character will come easily to me.

  • Please tell us a little more about the role of Birbal and what the viewers can expect from Birbal’s entry in the show.

Birbal is wise and has come to Vijayanagar to challenge Rama. So, when two wise minds come in conflict with each other, it is always fun to watch as an audience. On one hand, Rama uses his intellect whereas on the other hand, Birbal demonstrates his. It is a war of wit and intelligence and that is what the viewers are going to enjoy. So, the viewers can expect a fresh breeze of drama and a lot of suspense as Birbal competes with Rama.

  • How has the experience been working with the cast of Tenali Rama?

It has been an amazing experience. Krishna Bharadwaj is extremely professional and sincere towards his role. Everyone else on the set as well, including all the actors, the crew and the direction team, are working really hard towards this show. Currently, with so many challenges, the team has been able to bring out amazing episodes because of everyone’s commitment towards the show.

  • How was the atmosphere on the set? Were you skeptical about shooting in these challenging times?

Everyone is well taken care of on the set as all the safety measures are in place and that is what helps everyone to feel comfortable shooting on the set. There are multiple levels of sanitization throughout the set, right from the entry to the make-up room. The dress and make-up people were always wearing PPE kits.

  • What preparations did you do for the role of Birbal?

I allowed my intuition to guide me more than anything and I was accordingly playing around with the script. For a show like Tenali Rama, which is set in a particular era, you are supposed to have a good command over spoken language, especially Hindi. Since I have previously done a lot of Hindi theatre, I am used to such kind of words and proper Hindi but using it after so long was a little challenging and required some attention.

  • What is the one lesson that you took away from your experience of playing the character of Birbal and being a part of Tenali Rama?

Tenali Rama is a show that imparts values in its viewers. With this story of Birbal and Rama coming face to face, I personally took one lesson that wars should be avoided at any cost. Everything can be solved by talking and good communication can help avoid so many wars and fights. The show and this story brings a message of spreading happiness amongst each other and living in harmony. 

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