Folk songs are the extract of experiences – Saroj Deval Beethu

Posted On Sat, July 11, 2020, 7:44 PM

Jaipur: Renowned Rajasthani littérateur Smt. Saroj Deval Beethu shared her literary journey today in “Aakhar” series. An initiative by Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Grassroot Media Foundation, Aakhar aims to promote Rajasthani Language, Arts & Culture. Supported by Shree Cement, the talk-show was held digitally on Aakhar Rajasthan’s Facebook page. Amid the ongoing pandemic, Aakhar series is being held virtually.

While talking about the history of folk songs Smt. Saroj said that the tradition and practice of folk songs is even before vedic period. Citing an example, she shared that when a baby is born, Even it cries in rhythm. Similarly, we can easily say, these songs came into existence even before language did. According to her, the lokgeets (folk songs) formally came into existence During RigVeda. She further explained that folk songs are the extract of experiences and this aspect is still untouched. She also explained that the extension of these lokgeets is not only limited to a happy and merry phases of life but it also affects and affects every aspect of human life.

She further explained that the lokgeets and common life of Rajasthan are synonymous with each other. Citing examples, she also briefed how people while travelling on long journeys in the desert, people used to sing these songs which would make their journey comfortable. While draining water from the Chadas, the feet of the oxen used to walk and rest in rhythm and therefore these folk songs make hardwork easier for them. Smt. Beethu also shared that our folk songs have been associated with us right from the time of our birth till we die.

Giving various examples, Saroj Deval Beethu also explained how lokgeets has been the carrier of rituals from generation to generation and the children also learn from their elders and relatives. During the program Saroj Deval Beethu also sang songs like "Chithudi-Mithoodi Ri Gauri Gaay”, “Nawal Bana-e-Dorda ni Chhoto”, “Mhari Aangniye Peepal Re Beail” etc.

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