Celebs come together to pay tribute to their gurus

Posted On Mon, July 06, 2020, 11:21 AM

Paying respect to their Gurus, Shrradha Setalvad of One World Yoga and Bollywood star, Juhi Chawla come together this Guru Purnima, to pay respect to their Guru.

‘Guru’ according to Shrradha, means ‘Source of Light’, and ‘Sat’ in Sanskrit means ‘truth’. Sadhguru of Isha Foundation, Shri Shri Krishnananda Theertha Mahaswamigal and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living Foundation are all gurus revered by them and who draw them to the true light and drive their purpose of life.

In a small tribute, Juhi and Shrradha do a special yoga session with Gayatri Mantra chants by Lata Mangeshkar in association with All World Gayatri Pariwar and presented by Infina First Wellness.

The short tribute will exhibit their relationship with their Gurus followed by rendering of Gayatri Mantra by Lata Mangeshkar. Juhi and Shrradha will demonstrate their favourite aasanas which they practise. Join them in a do-along session where they demonstrate sitting poses for hip opening, standing poses for increasing balancing and twists for elongated spines. They will also elaborate on yoga concepts such as the ‘Tree of Yoga’ which helps you root yourself in your own spiritual journey.

This Guru Purnima, reverberate in gratitude, love, humility and wellbeing all directed by your higher forces, and immerse yourself completely as you celebrate this day of light and knowledge

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