Now the Role of the Government is less while role of you and me is becoming more and more important in Battling Corona - Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara

Posted On Wed, July 01, 2020, 4:42 PM

Lucknow: Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, one of the biggest Indian business conglomerates, today in a statement appealed to all fellow Indians that we have an extremely complicated situation before us. To deal with the Corona pandemic, when the first phase of Lockdown was initiated, we had the catchphrase that we have to strictly follow the Lockdown and defeat the Corona. At that time, only 6 or 700 people were infected with the virus. We all were hopeful that by the end of the Lockdown the pandemic would be under control. Now, after the completion of four phases, when the Lockdown is opening up, the number of the infected people is nearing 6 lakh. And now we have a different catchphrase that we have to live with the Corona so we must learn to live with it.

He further added that in between these two situations - the initiation of the Lockdown and the opening up of the Lockdown - so much has happened that it cannot be detailed here. When the Lockdown started, the front-liners like Government officials, doctors, healthcare workers, police personnel, community leaders, all were full of enthusiasm. They all were sure that the Corona will be defeated very soon. But now that enthusiasm seems to be fading away.  Every day we are witnessing painful stories of sufferings of infected people and their care takers. The situation is almost chaotic.

Saharasri further empathized in a video message that now people are criticizing even the decisions that were made regarding the Lockdown. Most of the questions are being raised against the paradoxical situation that the Lockdown was strictly implemented when the spread of the Corona was very limited, and now, when around 20,000 new cases of infection are being reported from all over the country every day, the Lockdown guidelines have been largely relaxed. So much so, that the markets, malls and religious places have been allowed to open up. These are the places where people gather in large numbers and where following the social distancing is next to impossible.If the economic activities are not resumed now, the economy of the country will get in tatters, and millions of people will be pushed into severe unemployment and starvation. So, now the current situation is that along with the rapid spread of the Corona pandemic, we have to continue with all our economic and social activities.

Now we have two very clear situations before us. First, that the Government and healthcare services have their limitations. Health organizations can help us only to a certain extent. And the second situation is that there is no decline in the rapid spread of Corona Virus, so we can neither relax nor can be careless. In other words, now we have to depend more on ourselves. We will have to be self-warriors in this fight against the Corona pandemic. We will have to be extremely alert now. The personal safety measures that we were following during the Lockdown, will have to be followed far more strictly now.

In the fight ahead, the role of the Government and Healthcare Organizations is less important while the role of the individuals, meaning role of you and me, is more important. Need not to say, this role of ours is very challenging. We have to protect not only ourselves but also our near and dear ones and also those who are around us.

I want to repeat here that we should observe social distancing but never allow emotional distancing to happen. We must keep ourselves emotionally attached to the people around us. We must maintain regular communication with all our family and friends through telephone or internet. Corona pandemic has mentally impacted a large number of people. The only way to avert this situation of gloom and depression is emotional communication.

Here I want to emphasize one more point. In every society, there are always some people who are highly irresponsible and who don't understand the seriousness of the situation. These people knowingly or unknowingly neglect safety measures. Because of such people, the fight against the Corona virus gets weaker. These people invite troubles for themselves and also push others into troubles. It is our responsibility to keep such people from their wrongdoings and bring them to their senses. We must fulfill this responsibility of ours.We have to keep cooperating with local administration and all the front-line Corona warriors. We will have to strengthen our resolve that we have to defeat the Corona pandemic. We have to defeat it while living with it.

We cannot hope that our life will return anytime soon to the normalcy that we lived before the outbreak of the pandemic. At present, it is a distant possibility because our fight with the Corona is a long fight so the spell of our hardships is also a long one. It means we will have to develop a habit of living along with hardships. I always say that positive emotions always give energy and strength to people. A true warrior is always recognized by his positivity. So, always keep your thinking process fully positive. Keep in mind that at the Lockdown has been fully loosened. It has increased your responsibility many times. For the world you may be a number only, but for your family you are their whole world. So, for yourself and for your family keep your determination to defeat the Corona always strong just like a true warrior.I firmly believe that the Corona will be defeated.

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