Divya Khosla Kumar made 5 serious allegations against the singer in her new video

Posted On Mon, June 29, 2020, 11:47 PM

Divya Khosla Kumar shared a video in which she made some serious allegations on singer Sonu Nigam

Here's what she said:

1. ‘T-series give opportunities to 80% of people. What have you done?
Divya Khosla Kumar questioned Sonu Nigam and stated that while her husband Bhushan Kumar’s music label T-series “tries to give the opportunity to 100% people but can only give 80% people the opportunity, what has the singer done?” She asked Sonu if he has given any other singer an opportunity and then answered “no”.

2. ‘Sonu Nigam is trying to bury T-series to the ground’
While accusing Sonu Nigam of going to another music label when Bhushan Kumar was at his lowest, Divya Khosla Kumar stated that the videos are an attempt by the singer to bury T-series to the ground.

3. ‘Sonu Nigam is associated with Abu Salem’
One of the most serious accusations from Divya Khosla Kumar was- Sonu Nigam is associated with the gangster Abu Salem, who is currently serving prison time in Mumbai.

4. ‘Thanks to Sonu Nigam’s video, me and my family have received death and rape threats, even from singers’
Divya Khosla Kumar said in the video that after Sonu Nigam accused T-series and Bhushan Kumar of being the music mafia, the family has been receiving rape and death threats. She said that the aspiring singers have been calling them and demanding jobs or ransom ever since Sonu Nigam shared his videos.

5. ‘Remember how your wife accused you publicly?’
Divya Khosla Kumar ended the video by questioning Sonu Nigam in his way. She asked if the singer remembers how his wife accused him in public.

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