Starscapes launches Mobile Observatory in Jaipur

Posted On Wed, December 29, 2021, 12:00 PM
Here’s your chance to get up and close with the stars, indulge in stargazing, and discover the magic of the universe

Starscapes, a platform for astronomy experiences and India's first and only chain of observatories, has launched a mobile observatory in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Located opposite Amity University near The Tree House Resort on National Highway 11, the mobile observatory offers a holistic astronomical experience, with a variety of activities both during the day and at night, ranging from stargazing safaris to astrophotography and sun observation.

Over the last several months, Jaipur has seen an increasing interest in Astro Tourism.

According to the Bortle Scale, which measures the darkness of the night sky, Jaipur is in the class 5 category on a scale of 9, making it one among the prime locations for stargazing. A number of locations within the city and on the outskirts offer exceptional views of the night sky.

The newly launched mobile observatory by Starscapes is surrounded by Nature Farms, making it an ideal stargazing location with dark skies and minimal light pollution. The new mobile observatory will offer city folks and tourists a preview of what's to come. The mobile observatory will offer a holistic astronomical experience, with a variety of activities both during the day and at night, ranging from stargazing safaris to astrophotography and sun observation. A trained astronomy expert will  guide the visitors on their stargazing journey. Starscapes will also regularly host a number of engaging sessions related to stargazing. Some of the activities include

  • Stargazing sessions: A guided session by Starscapes ‘Starguides’ who will tell you all about the universe.
  • Sun Observation: Want to watch the sun without squinting in agony? Starscapes can arrange for safe viewing of the sun to discover some of the fascinating aspects you didn't know about the sun.
  • Star parties: Get your group along to experience the enigma of the cosmos with an up-close-and-personal viewing of the moon and other planetary objects. From stargazing safari to astrophotography, Starscapes’ Star parties will have it all. 
  • Selfie with the stars: We're not talking about movie stars here; we're talking about real stars. Imagine a backdrop of star studded night sky and a selfie with the stars? Starscapes can make it happen.

Commenting on the new launch, Paul Savio, CEO and Co-Founder, Starscapes India Pvt Ltd, said “In addition to history and heritage, the pink city is also a great place for astro tourism. There is already a growing curiosity in Night Sky tourism in Jaipur, and we are excited to add more avenues to rekindle interest in our universe and make it a worthwhile experience for tourists as well as for the people of Jaipur. We have received an overwhelming response for all our observatories,  and we hope to recreate the same with our upcoming launch in Jaipur.”

The mobile observatory is easily accessible from Jaipur’s key tourist attractions. Situated close to The Tree House Resort and a number of other resorts in the area, the observatory can be a great place for some post-dinner stargazing adventure  for guests staying at the resorts. For those planning a visit to Amer Fort,  Hawa Mahal,  Nahargarh fort and Jal Mahal, add an additional dimension to your trip with an offbeat stargazing experience. The mobile observatory is only a 30 minute drive from any of these places.

Over the next few months, Starscapes will also setup a permanent observatory that will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for observations, astrophotography and research projects

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