Ashish Kadian celebrates this birthday exclusively with his mother this lockdown

Posted On Fri, June 19, 2020, 3:07 PM

The ongoing lockdown is all about learning new activities and reviving lost hobbies such as painting, cooking, singing, etc. it was also about celebrating memorable moments with your near and dear ones. We always dream of having lavish birthday parties with our close pals, but this year Ashish Kadian who plays Indresh in &TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein had a very simple yet memorable birthday. 

The charming Ashish Kadian has a grand celebration on his birthday every year and he eagerly awaits this special day. However, this year it was extra-special as he celebrated it with his mother at home.  Speaking of his lockdown birthday Ashish Kadian shares, “My day started with an enriching yoga session with my mother followed by a special breakfast spread that included all my favourite Punjabi dishes like puri-aloo, aloo paranthas and special chutney. Even though I am not a chai lover, I really like the one that my mother makes for me. This was followed by a hearty lunch which included Rajma-Chawal, Chole Bhature and a lot of other favourites of mine. But the highlight of my entire day was the ‘Aate ka Halwa’ the classic delicacy made by my loving mother. As children who grew up in a Punjabi household, we have loved having this halwa on festivals and special occasions, this one dish will always be close to my heart no matter how many cakes and fancy desserts I have.” 

Instead of celebrating his birthday in a modern way by cutting a cake, Ashish took the traditional route by devouring the yummy halwa that his mother specially made for him. Adding more on this he says, “This birthday was by far the best one that I celebrated ever since I got to know what birthday celebrations mean. Though I could not see a lot of my close friends, but it has never happened that I got to spend an entire day exclusively with my mother. From starting the day with great food, discussing some of the best childhood memories of my birthdays and watching some of my favourite movies together, this say was more than perfect. This was indeed a well-spent birthday after such a long time.” 

Lockdown has seen many birthday celebrations, some excited to be home and some disheartened as they had to cancel their lavish birthday plans. For all those who are upset for celebrating their birthday this way Ashish Kadian would like to say, “This lockdown we should learn how to cherish these occasions and make them special as these days will not come back. Once we all start working, we will miss these days dearly.”


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