Seven-day Summer 2020 Americana Extravaganza Auction will be held June 25th-28th and July 10th-12th

Posted On Fri, June 12, 2020, 11:10 AM
The auction is packed with numismatics, mining, railroadiana, Native Americana and more and stars the John Reynolds, Bart Landinger, Ben Fauver and Ken Prag collections 

USA -- A Summer 2020 Extravaganza Auction so massive it is being spread over two separate weekends, two weeks apart, is planned for June 25-28 and July 10-12 by Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC, live and online, with start times each day of 8am Pacific time. The sale features a number of important collections of Americana – over 4,800 lots in all. 

The auction is packed with numismatics, mining, railroadiana, Native Americana and more. Online bidding will be facilitated by,,, and Telephone and absentee bids will also be accepted. For those planning to attend live, Holabird’s gallery is located at 3555 Airway Drive in Reno. 

The auction features several important collections, offered in part now and in upcoming sales. An example is the John Reynolds collection, parts of which were offered in two prior sales. On Days 1 and 4, items from Reynolds’s 50+-year Californiana collection will come up for bid, as will a variety of vintage historical baseball and boxing cards, all graded, circa 1920 thru 1950. 

Also on Day 4, the Bart Landinger collection of Arizona material, mostly trade tokens but to also include California and western tokens and scrip, will be sold. Mr. Landinger garnered many great rarities in his many travels, looking at collections over the years. He was a friendly face at Western token shows. Tragically, he recently passed away. His collection is a celebration of life. 

Benjamin Fauver literally wrote the book on tokens, and he especially favored gaming counters (which resembled American gold coins and have morphed into the gaming chips we know today). He also collected foreign counters (Jetsons and the like) that were made for years, mainly in Western Europe. Parts of the Fauver American Counter Collection will be offered on Days 1 and 4 and will feature more than 10,000 pinback buttons. 

The auction will feature maps not generally seen, from a massive Western map collection; gold and minerals, to include gold specimens from two Western collections; part of a Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) library that will highlight a massive Western history library spread across the sale; an Idaho real photo postcard collection; and a group of early signed Norman Rockwell prints. 

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