Problem Based Learning is the Best Institutional Approach

Posted On Mon, June 08, 2020, 6:39 PM
Problem-Based Learning: An Overview of its Process and Impact on Learning

Open learning approaches and reasoning skills are perhaps the two most essential steps ensuring the bright future of higher education. The idea of Problem Based Learning or PBL was thus taken from the medical stream to all the other streams of learning using student-centered approaches to tackle issues collectively. 

These approaches within a brief timespan have helped in building some exemplary traits within students, such as critical appraisal, improved communication, and better group collaboration. On top of it, the discipline has benefited both the learning body and the institution equally with its constructive and unique course structure free of classroom pressure.


PBL Schools have improved the quality of learning using reflective, collaborative, critical skills. The study approaches problem analysis from a very minimal level to solve conflicting issues involving elaboration and co-construction of the same cases.

 To achieve the maximum yield, student groups are generally divided into smaller groups and given certain field topics to ponder over. However, one of the most crucial roles is that of an instructor who assesses the progress of the group. Both the trainee and the trainers experience collective knowledge building through metacognitive questions and discussions. In the long run, Problem Based Learning is a significant step towards enhancing the quality of student's work efficiency and social collaborations.


Here are some of the significant benefits of PBL that has helped it in gaining an in the field of higher education

For Students

● The study approach is student-centred

● It makes the learning environment comfortable and enjoyable.

● It Encourages stand-alone ideas and unconventional approaches.

● It inculcates better communication and public relations skills.

● It Develops better life skills.

For Teachers

● Increases the overall participation of both the groups

● The approach is intrinsically rewarding.

● Encourages interdisciplinary approaches

● Improves class dynamics

For Institutions

●     PBL Schools have seen increased admission due to their advanced teaching approaches.

● Promotes student retention

● It Validates the institution's unique learning methods.

● Better job-windows and placement cells.

● Improved staff development and support.

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