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Posted On Tue, November 10, 2020, 7:00 PM
Second Opinion for Neurology and Cardiology

iCardin, an online medical opinion consultation platform was launched recently to address the constant challenge of patients who are unable to get a medical consultation with specialists for chronic, critical and non-emergency diseases or disorders, from the comfort of their home. This service came into play during the COVID pandemic where most doctors are still unavailable for ‘in person visits’ and lockdown norms hindering visits to hospitals or clinics.

With these services, iCardin seeks to empower patients to make well-informed medical decisions by gaining insights into alternative treatment options and gain validation of their current medical diagnosis.

Sameer More (CEO, iCardin) mentions: “With over 50% people opting for a second opinion with non-emergency issues or acute medical conditions, we are trying to be
flexible and personalized in how we offer a second opinion to our patients. Because of iCardin’s ease and promptness to address patient issues, since the launch of this
initiative just over a few months ago, more than 50 patients have availed this service satisfactorily from different parts of the world such as Dubai, South Africa, Maharashtra,
Karnataka, Kolkata, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to name a few. We do have a long way to go but this definitely adds a boost to our efforts. I’m glad that iCardin was there at a crucial time and this swift mode of giving out consultations came as a benefit
even to the doctors.

Since data states that approximately 30 million people suffer from neurological disorders in India, we are now focusing on creating a virtual clinic dedicated for neurology where anyone can seek an opinion or download information about diseases, avail neuro rehab
services; connect with a neurologist in their proximity and more. Our ultimate aim is to make patient care easy and our priority.”

The iCardin process is simple; anyone trying to speak with a doctor can come to the platform, fill in their details or call, get a personal care manager assigned to them for
understanding their medical history/records and consult over a tele/video call. The meeting occurs within 24 hours of making an appointment and patients can go over your
available treatment options through virtual tele or face-to-face interaction with iCardin’s doctor, without having to queue up for hours outside clinics. Post this a personalized
report is shared for a handy reference and patients can also avail free follow-ups in the subsequent weeks.

To know more mail at info@icardin.com or Call/WhatsApp on +91 9823440640

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