KFC India delights chicken-lovers with its ‘Big Treat Week’

Posted On Wed, January 27, 2021, 3:11 PM
With saving upto 42% on all your KFC favorites - it’s bound to be a super-duper week

India: KFC India presents The Big Treat Week - a week of jaw-dropping discounts and irresistible combos of your KFC favourities! Yes, you heard that right. With savings of up to 42%, up to 100% cashback on Paytm and unmatched value and variety, this Big Treat Week is everything that a KFC-lover wished for. From January 23rd to February 01st, get ready to be spoilt for choice - choose from a Bucket-ful of crispy Chicken, Chicken Popcorn, Rice Bowl, Zinger burger and more. Starting at INR 149, it doesn’t get any Big-ger and Treat-ful than this!                                

Offered at all KFC restaurants across the country; you can also place an online order for your favourites during the week (or better still, pick one favourite every day!). Oh, and did we mention something ‘App-solutely’ amazing? Celebrate Big Treat Week, along with the drool-worthy discounts, exclusively on the KFC App and Website. So get closer to that Bucket of Chicken Popcorn or Chicken Strips - download the KFC App from the Playstore or visit online.kfc.co.in now.

Still need a reason to join festivities of the Big Treat Week? Well, it comes with the added assurance of KFC’s 4X Safety Promise of Sanitization, Screening, Social Distancing and ContactLess service. We’ve upped our existing stringent hygiene measures with intensified sanitization every 30 minutes of all surface areas like tables, counters, door handles, etc. Our delivery teams wash & sanitize their hands & bags after every order - great taste delivered safe you see. All team members, including delivery riders, get screened regularly with temperature checks; wear masks and gloves at all times. Social distancing is followed at the restaurants with floor stickers guiding customers and delivery riders maintain proper distance as they queue up for orders. We are making sure you get your KFC in a completely contactless & safe manner - through delivery, takeaway, KFC to your Car/Bike and during dine-in as well.

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