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Posted On Thu, April 30, 2020, 12:25 PM

Kolkata: Leading content writing company in India, Das Writing Services has committed to the cause of client satisfaction amidst COVID-19. The content writing agency has extended round the clock services to its clients and been providing them with timely content as per their requirement.

Despite the chaos and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and resulting lockdown, the agency maintains its standard of quality and deliverance. It is said that such consistency and delegation of requirements has particularly helped the wide clientele. In turn, it has helped them to cater to their respective requirements of SEO-friendly content and has enabled them to retain their existing target base. Furthermore, the prompt service and quick response from the team of Das Writing Services Private Limited has been acknowledged as a source of normalcy amidst the chaos.

The CEO of the company stated: “The entire team has been working in sync to help our clients meet all their content-oriented requirements effectively. Also, we follow a quick feedback policy which helps us to keep our clients in the loop with our progression. This has proven extremely beneficial at a time like this when communication is the only way of keeping track of things.”

By extending 24x7 support to clients, the content writing agency in India has managed to ensure a couple of things to their clients. It is said that besides delivering projects in a timely, the agency is also available for receiving project-oriented discussions and suggestions. In fact, it has been acknowledged that the team members of the company are quick when it comes to modifying content as per clients’ feedback and remarks.

A prominent board of members of the company said, “There has been a massive dip in organic traffic for most company websites belonging to a specific industry, others have noticed a significant surge in theirs. This has increases the demand for using relevant content which is high in quality and boosts website traffic. However, the availability of prompt deliverance is quite rare at this moment. This is where we excel.”

The seniors of the company were quick to add that a smooth flow of communication and timely updates from team members has been helping them to perform seamlessly. The fact that the situation has forced them to work from home has neither deterred the quality of their work nor has it hampered the overall workflow.

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