Pepsi unveils refreshing new TVC with Salman Khan

Posted On Wed, March 10, 2021, 3:06 PM

Jaipur: This summer, consumers will be in for a treat as Pepsi promises to quench their thirst and offer a more refreshing experience. This claim is substantiated by an independent research conducted by Nielsen which establishes that Pepsi is now even "More Refreshing."  In line with this finding, the youth centric brand has launched a new summer campaign featuring its brand ambassador, Salman Khan.

An extension of Pepsi's Har Ghoont Mein Swag campaign, the new film shows Salman Khan bonding with friends over a game of carrom on a hot summer day.  At the same time, another friend is hooked on the phone talking to his girlfriend. Seeing this budding romance, Salman's friend exclaims 'Whattay ashiq'.  Participating in the cheeky banter, Salman Khan says "Whattay Garmi" and pulls out a chilled bottle of Pepsi, takes a swig and proclaims 'Whattay refreshing!" with Swag.

Commenting on the campaign launch, PepsiCo India spokesperson said that Pepsi has always been the choice of the Swag generation and with summers approaching, the brand is offering an even more refreshing proposition to consumers. We have received great feedback on the product and fueled by this positive sentiment, we have launched a quirky 360-degree campaign to ensure that our consumers  enjoy Pepsi like never before.

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