Top 6 reasons that stops Journalists from engaging into your press release

Writers put all their efforts in writing whatever they know. This often puts them in trouble as they make mistakes that can affect the reach of their content. Let’s discuss the reasons why your press release may not be picked by journalist:

Weak headline

Journalists deal with hundreds of write ups every day. They are experienced and are aware about how a headline should be carried. A weak headline never appeal the journalist rather is neglected by them. They do not prefer to waste time in reading the headline, so a headline should be in such a manner that it urges them to read.

Missing the first informative line

Top line is the interesting lines that attract the reader. Missing interesting part in the write up lowers the value of your release. Avoiding the lines that can bring you on top might be your biggest mistake. Many writers do miss things that are essential to mention, this buries the actual message that writer wants to convey to the journalists/reader and ends up making them confused and unpicked.

It should not sound like an offer

Writing a press release without following a proper format makes it more of a sales pitch. The biggest mistake a writer makes is going out of track from the content that he/she should write about in the release. Often writers writing business release for any product promotion or branding make it sound like they are trying to gather sales from it.

Filled with technical words

Often writers use jargons to make their release technical. But they forget to make it understandable. Use of jargons make the release difficult to understand for the journalists and so reduces the chances of getting noted in their eyes.

Grammatical errors

The most basic yet unacceptable error that writers make in their release is wrong application of grammar in their write up. A write-up with lots of grammatical error is left untouched by many of the journalists as it is nothing but a clear piece of waste according to them.

A very long piece of writing is troublesome

The very common reason for your release not being picked up is because it is too long. In order to convey their message writers end up writing a long story material which is worthless If your story is worth mentioning then summarize it by including all information in the best possible manner you can and not by puking everything you know. Filter your knowledge and write crisp.

The above points shows how your press release can be affected if these points are followed. These points should be kept in mind so that your press release can be as effective and worth being picked up by the journalists.

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