Tips for handling Public Relations during Covid-19

With COVID-19 or popularly known as Coronavirus making the world come to a standstill and dominating the news headlines around the globe it is naturally understood how business houses everywhere have ceased their operations and Public Relations Industry is no immune to this either.

With the world literally practicing ‘Social-Distancing’ and staying at Home, marketers have cancelled all their events and are planning communication strategies in sync with the ongoing pandemic. In these challenging times, it is important to design communication and PR strategies in a manner that you are still visible in the market and don’t lose customers at the same time.

Following are the ways you can reframe your strategies:-

1) Plan Work From Home – There is not point in arguing that work from home holds so much importance in this crucial time. Take your business offline (by offline we mean at home rather than working from office). Ask all your employees to do their regular work from their respective places and coordinate via various applications like Zoom, Gmail etc. Key thing to remember here is to not let laziness or casual home surroundings hamper your productivity level. You will have to double the efforts to sustain at this moment.

2) Go Online – With everything shut and everybody bound to stay indoors, people around the world are spending a major part of their daily life going online. Therefore, it is the best time to explore the online mediums to grow your brand visibility as people might land up on your company’s profile during this time.

3) Understand Your Audience – Keeping the above stated point in mind, it is also necessary to understand the audiences’ mindset at this moment. As much as you would want to promote a detailed questionnaire or your business online, you need to understand va disability rating increase process and the sensitivity around globe and plan your content accordingly. For instance, leading automobile companies like AUDI, BMW etc. are planning their content around Coronavirud. Thus making online presence felt as well as keeping up with the sensitivity of issue and communication message clearly at the same time.

4) Take Your Events Online – Marketers are cancelling and postponing all the major events including Olympics and IPL. Nobody is willing to go out in large gatherings. As a PR individual it is suggested to you to take all your events online via video calls and creative(s) rather than promoting them offline in large gatherings.

5) Communicate – One of the major things your business depends upon is COMMUNICATION. Nothing is more vital than this. Communicate with your employees and keep them motivated. Media communications are of utmost priority now. Don’t skip your journalists and reports in this time of crisis when the whole world is literally dependent on what they report. Make the most of your journalist media relations now.

6) Engaging Content – Now is the time to up your moment marketing game. Research, research and research some more. Plan your content around the common engaging factors. Be it challenges or graphics, plan everything keeping the mood of your audience.

7) Complete Pending Projects – Consider completing all those projects you have kept at hold for the right time to come. Complete those pending tasks as you can effectively give all your attention to them at this point of time.

8) Work with confined resources – We need to understand that now the resources are very limited. Marketing budgets have been slashed. Print publications are lowering their paper production because of revenue and there is not much happening around the world other than the leading news on coronavirus. Assess the resources available to you and work with work injury lawyer los Angeles, California, more info is available at
However, this is a tough time to sustain in the market but history has it that after a sad day, comes a glad day and you also need to stay positive with your business. If we take advantage of this situation, there will be new business opportunities arising once all of this is over.

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