Role of Social Media in PR Industry

Social media has become an important aspect to shape lives of the modern society. It has overruled all the sources of gathering information by bringing in the technological aspects. People rely on social media more nowadays for seeking information because it is a fastest and cost effective means. It has changed the manner of communicating and sharing information drastically.

In addition to it, it has also given a platform to the brands by successfully engaging with its audience. For PR Practitioners, using social media is an integral practice that offers services. It is an advantage to Public Relation agencies. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are the platforms which helps PR practitioners to convey their story to the audiences effectively. Let’s discuss how these platforms bring advantage to PR practitioners:


Facebook is within the reach of every person. It is used worldwide and therefore can be an advantage to PR industries as it will help them in engaging with the people across globe. Therefore for PR industries it can become a good source of gathering audience.


Twitter keeps you updated with all the news that comes directly from the person/organization before coming into news. It is a short and simple platform for conveying information as the characters are limited to 140 in number and hence it becomes challenging for the PR industry to convey their message in a detailed manner.


When it comes to pictures, nothing is better than instagram. The platform does not necessarily cater many features except clicking and posting pictures and therefore possesses simple performance. It is an effective social media tool for PR industries as it allows them to convey their message with the use of visuals to create awareness about the causes.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform but most importantly is a social networking platform as well. In PR, it gives access to highlight experiences of its clients, disseminate content, find influencers, gain industry insights, connect with new clients, media opportunities and amplifying media coverage.

It is an added advantage for the PR agencies. The easy access of social media helps the agency achieve their goal in a specific period of time. In PR, social media is considered an effective tool for managing the daily activities of business by eliminating the walls that persist between a brand and the public with the help of these platforms. These platforms let the PR industry manage the relationship with journalists, clients and society.

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