PR strategy to adapt during Covid19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic followed by lockdown have put a pause on our lives. We are at the beginning of crisis on other fronts too. The pandemic has given huge blow to the economy, and Public Relations and Marketing industry are no different. As the resources get limited, what are the ways that executives can explore during this momentous crisis.

Let’s figure out how these quarantine days can actually be a blessing for PR professionals:

Acknowledge this Severe Crisis

First of all you need to recognize the gravity of ongoing catastrophe. This is not a mere marketing opportunity, be sensitive. If you are milking the situation and intruding your brand in every this and that thing, without doubt you will lose your face value as well as damage reputation of your clients. So If you don’t have some worthy story idea to pitch for, it’s better to remain ideal and explore alternatives.

Adhere to the basics

The lockdown and this COVID19 have turnout to be unprecedented affair, which nobody ever imagined in distant dreams. Like any other sector it created havoc in communication industry, so the professionals have to act accordingly. Journalists are also struggling with limitations, so you need to share only relevant story ideas. Don’t spam their emails/WhatsApp, just because you are not able to achieve your communication goals. You are also witnessing that News platforms are flooded with Covid19 stories, many newspapers have stopped publishing, and newspapers have limited number of pages, so you need to be more sincere while pitching. If your story is irrelevant, in that case avoid extensive follow-ups and have patience.

Reinvent Digital strategy

As we have discussed that the traditional media is struggling these days, there is an opportunity to go for killing via online methods for desired communication output. Keep a close eye on real-time monitoring, keep a tab on what is trending, do correlate your content effectively, explore the untouched platforms (if any) whether it’s a webinar about cleaning professionals, edutok, telegram etc., this the time for serious brainstorming and applying out of the box ideas. Digital platforms have ample space, go and pitch/create content accordingly.

Remember tomorrow is around the corner

Considering the gloom in the environment, it’s obvious. Like others, you may also have uncertainty about your future. However, it’s apparent that like economy, the communication industry will also bounce back. So you should focus to learn new skills and prepare your content/strategy in advance. This is also time for more proactive approach, do review your existing media plan, re-evaluate and workout strategy for forthcoming period.

So, now you have an idea of how to keep going even during the time of this prevailing crisis.
The mantra is simple; keep a social distancing when reaching out to journalists/media houses, don’t overdo things, hone your skills and be assured this too shall pass.

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