How PR & Advertising are 2 sides of a same coin

“Public relations and advertising go hand in hand!” but the truth is both Public Relations & Advertising are two sides of a same coin. PR is a medium to influence the target audience via content while advertising creates a space for the product among the mindsets of the people, PR makes a positive impact for the product among the masses.

1) Paid vs Earned –
Advertising is a paid medium to influence the customer mindset to buy a product. Advertising makes the product visible among the audience whereas PR is an earned medium to influence target audiences’ mindset. While advertising is information provider for audience, PR is a ‘chief information manipulator’ for media.

2) Control –
Advertisement world is controlled by the visuals whereas PR is all controlled by the media. Whether or not an information will be delivered to the public via PR is all dependent on the relations with the media.

3) Monetary Control –
Ad is an expensive medium to makes your product visible among the masses while PR is an in-expensive medium to reach out to the target medium (masses/audience)

4) Guarantee Placement –
Ad gives a company an confirmation of placement and visibility of the product while in PR there is no guarantee of the visibility and placement of the news. The overall control lies in the hands of the third party (journalist in this case).

5) Persuasion –
In PR, one needs to persuade the media and journalist for the news of the company while in Ad world there is no persuasion involved. You either like the product or you don’t;. There is no external force involved.

6) Focus –
Advertisement focuses on the product and the services related to it while in PR the total focus lies on the brand placement.

7) Validation – PR always have a third party validation whereas Ad world does not seek any validation.

8) Trust –
PR has a trust factor associated with it as there is a two-way communication involved in PR, therefore it is easy to trust a brand/company through Public Relations whereas advertisement lacks the trust factor because of one-way communication medium.

The above points clears that though PR and advertising are different in nature but go parallel to each other.

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