How digitization has changed the world of traditional PR

With the emergence of new technologies everyday and everything around happening on the go, the world has gone digital and public relation industries has not been untouched too. Public Relations firms are slowly but steadily taking the plunge, leaving the traditional medium aside & going digital with a new strategy and a story to tell for every new client that comes on board.

However, in the last few years, television viewership, radio, listenership & newspaper readership along with circulation has gone down drastically, giving an edge to the online PR. Now-a-days; every client wants to have a digital presence different from the other counter-parts. Therefore, to fulfill a client’s demand, PR agencies along with traditional PR tools like press release dissemination, radio ads, press conference, etc. are now adopting all the new growing technologies from SEC to social media, exclusive content and video creation, blogger/influencer meet, etc.

With the changing dynamics of the PR world, it is difficult to say that the traditional media is no more of use or is not essential anymore. Industries with target audience or home-growth labels still ask for reliable PR tools like print and television rather than going big with digital media in the initial phase.

However, with an increasing demand of real-time results, PR agencies are now going digital to produce engaging and measurable content that can be shared easily. These agencies are now making relationships with influencers & bloggers who literally run the digital space now-a-days, unlike the old relationship management with the journalist/media house.

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