Do’s and don’ts for PR executive during the ongoing time of global pandemic

The global pandemic has led to live with the most difficult times of all for PR professionals/marketers. The lack of business and loss of jobs has made us all think about how the scenario for the PR industry will take place from the business front. Various limitations and the prevalent crisis in the media has made the situation worse. You can find banking for cannabis companies at Professionals are constantly finding ways to deal with business matters sitting at home. There is a need to follow some Do’s & Don’ts that will help you in such times:

1. Make your business go online as it is the need of an hour and future of every business operation.

2. Keep in touch with your clients consistently. Do a regular follow ups so that they are aware of you and stay connected professionally.

3. Don’t let your schedule die. Work from home under the same time constraints like business according to what business demands. Taking your business lightly will impact your business’ growth.

4. Also keep a track on how your competitors and overall industry are dealing in such times. Study and implement the tactics by bringing the best out of them in an efficient manner.

5. Active Video/conference call meetings with your one stop plumbers colleagues will help you move smoothly during business. It will keep them charged up and make them remember being in a work mode.

6. Do not overthrow yourself on clients to get business as we all are aware that it’s quite difficult for everyone to sustain in this tough time.

7. Drop emails to make new clients. Draft an email stating what your business does, how effective it is, how important your client is to you and don’t forget to mention your business requirements.

8. Periodically you may arrange physical meetings, taking all the safety measures, as physical meetings are considered more impactful.

9. Understand the new age social media tools and use it for your business advancements.

10. Put vigorous effort to get your business high without letting the pandemic impact your work. Because, there’s ALWAYS a solution

Remember the right mindset and consistency is the key to float now. So make best of these testing times to make your future perspective more promising.

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