Common Social Media Marketing Myths Busted

Social media is a common tool used by the marketers today. It has done well to businesses but the prevailing myths behind their success are something that needs to be smashed out. These myths act as a barrel between you and truth, and here, business and truth.

Let’s discuss the reality that lies behind them:

  1. The more active you are the more you will be followed

Many people do have this thing in mind that the more time they will spend on their page, the more they will be followed. However, the truth remains that being active does not get you followers and it only increases awareness among the existing followers. New followers are only generated by the kind of value that your business holds.

  1. Posts can be made at any point of time

Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites have given the option to post at any point of time. They have done their duty but posting randomly having no certain timing is so not a good idea. Your posting timing depends on the activity of your target audience and your nature of business.

For example, if you are an HR and looking for the right candidates for your company, then in this case you should post your content after the office hours where required candidates might be seeking for job opportunities while they are free. Posting during the office hours won’t get you experienced and professional candidates.

  1. Regular posting should be done

Regular posting won’t do bring any good to you. It will only annoy your existing followers and you might end up losing them. People think that regular posting will keep users engaged with their business, while the real truth lies in posting something valuable than posting useless regularly.

  1. Follow and get followed

Now, this is being done and performed by any of those who want to increase their follower list. People usually follow randomly to the number of users over different social media platforms thinking to get

Followed back, say Instagram. But this is a fake mask that they wear because users only follow those accounts that they like. So, following just to get followed back is not a good idea to bring customers or followers.

  1. Social media is the only platform to run business for free

We know that business needs investment and many of us think that social media is that important tool which provides free exposure to businesses. No doubt, social media provides free access to various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. but the myth that it is free for business should be busted. Social media platforms give a space to your brands to advertise or market themselves by charging a certain amount of money. So, keep this in mind that it’s not a free for businesses!

These are the common myths that everybody thinks are true. But the real truth is seen only when these myths are busted out.  No business can function for free whether it is on a social media platform or any other platform.

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