10 basic elements to make your graphics effective for press release

While reading or going through any newspaper,magazine or anything on digital platform, we see plenty of content everywhere, but only the ones with good visual attracts us.

Graphics have proved to be an important part of any content. It helps us understand the content in a better way. Content with graphics are more catchy and appealing to eyes in comparison to the plain written content. However majority of people using graphics in their content often missing the basic elements and end up without having desired results.

So here we are discussing some of the points which one should consider while designing a creative:

1. Purpose -The most important factor while designing a creative is to understand the purpose behind it. Having a purpose will help give a base to the creative. It will not only help designing your creative but also help your message to be displayed visually.

2. Target Audience – Not only the purpose but the target audience for the same is equally important. You should always know who your target audience is and what do they expect. Your creative should be made accordingly keeping in mind what they want.

3. Color – The colors to be chosen for your creative should be such that reflects your brand. A proper color scheme helps in conveying the emotion and even creating an atmosphere which you want your audience or brand to associate with. Color plays an important role in the final output of your design.

4. Logo – Logo is the identity of the brand and plays an important role in defining the creative. Including logo in the creative is important as it associate people with your brand. The size and color of the logo should be such that it is easily readable. It should be placed in such a manner that it maintains it’s importance equally in the creative.

5. Typography – Adding a perfect text along with the image gives life to the creative. Font also reflects the brand image of the company so it should be done wisely. The text used should be easy to read and not more than one or two lines.

6. Visual – Visual is an important part of a creative as it makes it more attractive. Using proper visual in creative helps making it more catchy and easily understandable. It should be according to the content of the creative and should be placed accordingly.

7. Spacing – The elements in the creatives should be properly aligned and must be properly placed. Proper balance of these elements such as logo, text and visual makes the creative look even better.

8. Background – The background of the creative should be such that it does not overlap the text. It should be properly visible along with the foreground elements. It should not dominate the other elements of the creative. Sometimes a simple solid color background can also go well with the creative depending on the content.

9. Negative space – It is the white space or the space which is left out in the creative. It helps in maintaining a proper balance in the creative if used properly. It is a great way to make your creative stand out.

10. Consistency – The creative which you make should be consistent with your brand . Having established your goal early will help your brand become easily recognizable.

Summing up, the most dominant feature in your design is the most important part of your creative. So keep it simple, effective and readable.

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